The Pipe Calc Elite™ is an advanced calculator designed specifically for pipe trade professionals.  This app provides quick and reliable access to standard pipe data and dimensions for 7 different piping materials.  In addition, Pipe Calc Elite™ makes solving complex pressure loss equations, linear and rolling offsets, cutbacks, and other calculations you might need on the jobsite a breeze. 

Pipe Calc Elite™ has a wide range of unit conversion capabilities and its ability to accept and manipulate fractions for all calculations is exceptional.

Whether you’re a plumber, pipe fabricator, pipefitter, steamfitter, welder or any other professional in the pipe trade you’ll find this calculator a valuable tool to have on you at all times.

pipe calc elite Pipe Calculations
  • Feet & Inch Fractions and Trig
  • Build-in pipe data including area, diameters, and fill weights
  • Offsets and complex rolling offsets
  • Bends, slopes, grade, drop, and fitting angles
  • Run, take-out, and cutback calcs
  • Pressure loss for any size pipe or type based on flow rate, velocity, length or combinations of these inputs
  • Unit conversions for flow, velocity, pressure, force, length, area, and temperature
  • Flow rates, force, volume, and velocity of fluid in a pipe

Build-In Pipe Data

  • Select from 7 different pipe materials (Steel, Brass, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Cast Iron, PVC, and Copper)
  • Select Pipe Type (i.e. schedule 40, 80)
  • Enter Pipe size (1/4" to 42")
  • Solves for inside diameter, outside diameter, internal area, wall thickness, pipe volume per foot, dry pipe weight per foot, and filled pipe weight per foot

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