Drywall Calc Elite is an easy-to-use tool designed for drywall contractors to quickly enter room dimensions and come up with drywall estimates for your clients. No longer will you need to collect a series of measurements followed by hand calculations to determine square footage of a project. This app allows you to enter wall, ceiling, and exclusion dimensions for a project. Drywall Calc Elite will save you time and give you the right answer every time. Not only will this app calculate total square footage but it allows you to customize material and labor prices so that you can instantly create a bid to provide your client. Bid results can also be emailed with the click of a button.

Drywall Area Calculations Include:
-Wall Areas (enter lengths and heights of each section of wall)
-Ceiling Areas (enter lengths and widths of each ceiling area)
-Exclusion (enter doorways or window to exclude in calculations)


Preference Settings

    -Drywall sheet size

    Joint Compounds:
    -Ready Mixed ($/lb)
    -Setting Type ($/lb)
    -Lightweight ready-mixed ($/gal)
    -Lightweight Setting-type ($/gal)

    -Drywall screws ($/lb)
    -Drywall Nails ($/lb)

    Miscellaneous Items:
    -Joint Tape ($/500ft roll)
    -Adhesive ($/29oz tube)
    -Primer ($/gal)

    -Hanging ($/sq ft)
    -Tape and Finish ($/sq ft)

 drywall putty

Drywall Calc Elite uses feet and inches for all dimensional inputs.

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