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Baluster Calculator EliteTM is an industry leading app designed to simplify the job of calculating baluster spacing for railing and stairs.  It can solve spacing measurements for flat handrails as well as handrails on a rake.

By entering a max spacing between balusters (often defined by building code) and the width of the spindles, Baluster Calc EliteTM determines how many balusters you need as well as where to mark and install each one.

Baluster Calc EliteTM simplifies stair calculations by allowing users to enter an angle but if that's too difficult to determine, users can instead enter the total rise of the stairs, or run of the stairs and this will be used to solve the baluster spacing. 


App Inputs and Outputs

  • Flat Railing (inputs)
    • Max baluster spacing
    • Baluster Width
    • Run Lengt
  • Flat Railing (outputs)
    • Number of balusters
    • Space between centers
    • Number of spaces
    • Space between balusters
    • Center mark each baluster
  •  Stair Railing (inputs)
    • Max baluster spacing
    • Baluster Width
    • Run length (on rake)
    • Rake angle, run, or rise
  •  Stair Railing (outputs)
    • Number of balusters
    • Space btn centers (on rake)
    • Number of spaces
    • Space btn balusters (on rake)
    • Space btn balusters
    • Center mark each baluser

Baluster Calc Elite preference settings allow users to easily switch between inches, cm, and mm for all dimensions.  In addition, Baluster Calc Elite is available in multiple languages including German, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, and Korean.

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