Concrete Calculator EliteTM is an easy-to-use tool designed to make concrete calculations as simple as possible. This app will help reduce material waste, increase efficiency and improve accuracy of concrete calculations on the jobsite. Whether this is your first project or you are a seasoned concrete professional, you'll find this app saves time and makes your life easier.

Calculations Include:
-Rectangular Concrete Slab
-Round Concrete Slab or Column
-Concrete Post (square)
-Concrete Post (Round)


App Inputs and Outputs

  • Dimensional Input (Units):
    • Feet
    • Inches
    • Meters
    • Centimeters
    • Millimeters
  • Calculated Volume (Units):
    • Cubic Feet
    • Cubic Yards
    • Cubic Meters
    • Liters


Concrete Calc Elite preference settings allow users to easily switch between inches, cm, and mm for all dimensions.  In addition, Concrete Calc Elite is available in multiple languages including German, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, and Korean.

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