Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I access help within the app?

A: To access help within the app, press the Menu button on your device, then press the Help icon.

To access help on a specific key or function, press and hold the key for 1-2 seconds and a help page for that key will be displayed.  For a shift function, first press the [Shift] key, then press and hold the primary key for 1-2 seconds and a help page will be displayed.

If no key-specific help is available, the general help page will appear.

Q: How does Electrical Calc Elite come up with the formulas and values for the calculations?

A: This calculator is based on requirements straight from the NEC code books.  There are also some basic formulas like Ohms Law and Kirchhoff's Law that are used as well.  None of these electrical formulas are rocket science...the calculator just saves you a ton of time in not having to look up values in the NEC and then doing a bunch of calculating by hand.

Q: Is Electrical Calc Elite available for iPhone?

A: In March 2012 we ported our software to iOS for use with the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.

Q: Where do I find #THW, #XHH, #THHN buttons to set wire type for conduit calculations?

A: Press [Wire Type] button and a pop-up will appear to allow you to select the wire type.

Q: Where do I set the wire insulation rating (60, 75, 90C)?

A: Press [Shift] and then [5] ...the button is labeled “Wire Temp”

Q: How do I contact technical support if I have a problem?

A: Cyberprodigy LLC offers you FREE Technical Support!

Press the Menu button on your device, then tap the About button.


Additionally, each Help document includes a convenient link at the bottom to allow you to contact Technical Support via email.

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