Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I access help within the app?

A: To access help within the app, press the 'Shift' button on your device, then press the 'divide' button.  You can also access help by long-pressing (hold for 1-2 seconds) any button on the calculator. This is the general help page and will provide links to specific help topics and examples.

Q: How does Pipe Calc Elite™ come up with the pipe data and formulas for the calculations?

A: Dimensions for elbows and pipe data are based on pipe industry standards including ASME/ANSE B16.9 and B16.28 . Nominal pipe sizes are specificied by American Standards Associations. Formulas for pressure loss and other equations are based on standard mechanical engineering and fluid dynamics texts. See help manual for specific equations used for pressure loss calculations..

Q: Do you have example calculations available to help me figure out the keystrokes?

A: Our help section (press shift then divide key or long-press any key) provides calculation examples. You can also download the full user’s manual here.

Q: Can I specify resolution for calculations performed in fractional inches?

A: Yes, in preferences, [shift][X], fractional resolution can be set from 1/2" to 1/64". This will cause fractional inch results to be rounded to the selected resolution.

Q: How do I contact technical support if I have a problem?

A: Cyberprodigy provides free Technical Support for our products.

Please email us at:

If you have questions, suggestions for improving this app, or find a bug please contact us and we will respond as soon as possible.

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